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Monaco Blue Customize necklace are based on the latest trends. These beautiful bracelets are really fashionable with any kind of outfit. You can customize your own necklace in our webshop.

  • Choose between a gold-plated or a silver-plated necklace.
  • Choose your gemstone

1. Green agate 

Green agate is a gemstone which stands for creativity. It gives you vitality, saves your energy and gives you power.





2. Turqoise howlite

Turqoise howlite (the right one on the picture) is a gemstone which is useful for dreams and goals. It gives you strength to go forwards, brighten your future and organize emotions.





3. Blue quartz

Blue quartz is a gemstone which stands for energy balance. It helps you to get rid of negative energy, release stress and helps you with personal development.





4. Blue/White sodalite

Blue/White sodalite (the left one on the picture) is a gemstone which helps you to realize your ideals. This gemstone helps you with creativity, communication skills and finding answers.





5. Purple Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple gemstone which stands for healing and inner strength. It helps you with getting rid of addiction, healing your soul and it gives you energy.




6. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a gemstones which stands for love, joy and happiness. This gemstone gives energy to your heart and make you feel more positive.




7. Red agate

Red agate is a gemstone which stands for strengthening your will. It helps you to overcome weaknesses, let go of emotional energy and solving problems.



Additional information


ca. 45 cm


Metal with gold-plating / silver-plating


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